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Friday, January 12, 2007


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honey! and i thought WE had had some cold weather....your photographs are gorgeous, and congratulations on 4 wheel drive! it rocks!!! sending much love your way (what's a hen weigh?)


Doris!!! i'm so happy to see you in blog-land. now i can peek in on you :-) isn't this snow and cold weather odd? it's still very icy at our place, i'm hoping we get warm enough weather to melt it without freezing it all again. your 'primitive road' sign is a hoot, love it. and the photo of you and your hub is beautiful.


Hi Dear One,
Your Blog looks wonderful! Love the beautiful snow filled pics. This was certainly a magic month her in the NW. Looking forward to the new Zine and your contributions. FINALLY getting back to work tomorrow. YEAH!!!
Miss you face,

Apologies if this shows up twice. Typepad doesn't seem to want me to figure out the SECRET code. :)


So glad you have four wheel drive, isn't it heaven? I couldn't go anywhere without it, seriously.
Hope we can get together before you leave for Virginia, I miss you. Is there a chance? Gigi

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