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Thursday, March 29, 2007


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she is beautiful, and i sure do you see your face in hers.
i know you miss her, honey. xo


I wish I could have met her too, honey. If she was anything like you, and I'll bet she was, she was one hell of a woman.
Strange isn't, how we always know they're gone but you can miss them more sometimes than others. Maybe that's when they're closest to us...and it makes us think of them in a more sentimental way then we might on another given day. Guess I've been ponderin' on that one.


I just read this blog entry and felt so connected to you. My mom is dying from Stage 4 Lung cancer. She doesn't even look like she has cancer. I can appreciate your love and longing for your mommy. You are so wonderful to honor her here.

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