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Friday, June 04, 2010


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Oooh, I love Blythe! Haven't done much customizing or photographing of my herd recently ... I need to fix that!


Jeannine, you know the weather is getting right for pulling the girls out and playing in the sun. Love to see pictures of your herd.


Well you know I understand, having Barbie silkstones, vintage Barbies, Genes and Tyler Wentworth collection. Good luck with your new found obsession and God rest your soul LoL.

Jordans 2

What a pity I miss seeing all those gorgeous knits! Thanks for sharing the photos.



Thanks for the words of encouragement? I understand obsession. After all, it happened with rubber stamps, etc. I just wasn't expecting a doll. A big headed doll at that.
sigh....I used to sort of have a life.

Gigi Yob

I just noticed that I had written God rest your soul and had intended to write GOd BLESS your soul, what an awful mistake, shame on me. LoL Sorry. <3 Gigi

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