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Friday, November 26, 2010


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well this is only a test of your blog comment system :-)

thinking of you today, it makes me smile. xox


Hi Doris,
Glad to see you testing! Hope all is well, you and yours are enjoying the season and we all find time to make merry in the coming year. 2011. WOW!
Hugs and love,
PS...love your new photo


Katie, I think of you and smile all the time. I picture you in surrounded by nature painting merrily away and wish I was there too. :-)


Chris, sweetie, how can it have been so long since we last got together. And a new year is coming? It isn't possible is it? Where did summer go? All the fabric dying and painting I wanted to do when the weather was nice. I guess it just wasn't the year for it.
I wish for only the best for you and yours and hope the new years is as wonderful as you.
We need to set up some play days.....seriously.

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