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Monday, March 21, 2011


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Big hugs, Doris. I know what it's like to to through multiple pets being sick and having to put them down and I know it can be hard to deal with. I also just received the news from my eye doctor that I have cataracs so I'm feeling you there as well.We are sooo rowing the same boat my friend. If you feel like talking I am here, it would do me good as well.


Gigi, I'm so sorry I forgot to comment on your cataracts before. Both my MIL and my Dad have had the surgery (MIL both eyes and my Dad had one done and is having the other one done next month). I knnow it can be scary. Most folks are quite happy with the results from the surgery very quickly. But I so feel your pain. I hate having things wrong with my eyes that I can just rest my eyes or use eyedrops to take care of. And it does sound like we are in much the same boat. Vision smeary, not sharp and clear. Takse the fun out of a few things. I'll try to give you a call when I get a good time. Things are always hopping here.

Nike Shox

The idea has alternative. A little mystery novel!!

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